A passion for native plants and a focus on the environment combines at Can-Am Nurseries to enable us to produce a wide array of interesting material ranging from Mahonia nervosa, Cornus sericea,or Holodiscus discolor to Gaultheria shallon, Carex obnupta or Spiraea douglasii, just to name a few. A range of container sizes is available- from […]


An experienced, long-term propagation crew and nursery team is dedicated to producing the extensive range of material from naturally harvested seed, in-house vegetative cuttings or minimal outside-sourced liners or plugs. With this type of hands-on, controlled operation, the quality and quantity can be closely monitored, allowing Can-Am Nurseries with the ability to provide high quality […]


As a small local business dedicated to supporting the local community and business sector, Can-Am Nurseries always welcomes feedback whether regarding the availability of a certain plant, delivery schedules or pricing concerns. Our employees regard you, our customer, as our first priority.