About Us

Located in Abbotsford, Can-Am Nurseries is a small, niche-focused nursery specializing in Pacific Northwest native plants for restoration, rejuvenation, and enhancement projects, along with selected ornamentals. Proud to be a stalwart of the environment and an advocate for pest and disease reduction within the industry, Can-Am Nurseries is certified under the CNCI P. ramorum Certification Program, and it also has a BC Environmental Farm Plan in place. Can-Am Nurseries is a member of both the BCLNA and the CNLA.

A passion for native plants and a focus on the environment combine at Can-Am Nurseries, enabling us to produce a wide array of interesting materials, ranging from Mahonia nervosa, Cornus sericea, or Holodiscus discolor to Gaultheria shallon, Carex obnupta, or Spiraea douglasii, just to name a few.

Our Team

An experienced, long-term propagation crew and nursery team are dedicated to producing an extensive range of materials, using naturally harvested seeds, in-house vegetative cuttings, or minimal outside-sourced liners or plugs. With this hands-on, controlled operation, both the quality and quantity can be closely monitored. This allows Can-Am Nurseries to provide high-quality materials at competitive pricing levels.

Our Mission

As a small, local business committed to supporting the community and the business sector, Can-Am Nurseries always welcomes feedback, whether it’s regarding the availability of a certain plant, delivery schedules, or pricing concerns. Our employees consider you, our customer, as our top priority.

We offer a variety of container sizes, ranging from 9cm tubes to 1 gallon, 2 gallons, and up to 5 gallons. Larger-sized materials can be grown upon request, and we are open to considering contract-grow situations. With access to polytunnel houses and a large area for ‘hardening-off,’ you can be confident that the materials you receive have been exposed to the correct growing conditions, ensuring a strong, healthy plant ready to push new growth once situated in your project location.